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The German, the Italian, and Two Dutchmen (The Beginning of a Grand Adventure)

As I previously mentioned, I had limited computer access while I was away so instead I wrote down a lot of stuff the old fashioned way with pencil and paper. Crazy I know. We were so busy most of the time I was there, if I didn't write down what we did each day there is no way I would remember it all. So below are excerpts from those notes. And what better place to start than the airport? That's what I thought too.
So here we go... 

My flight went great from Tulsa to Atlanta. I sat next to a very nice German man who was traveling on business. We got the exit row so there was plenty of leg room on that flight (I later wish it was like that on the other two!) and I also got the window seat. It was a very pleasant flight. People told me the Atlanta airport was big and they were not lying. I had to ride a subway to get to my concourse. Once I got there I found out that my flight was going to be delayed by a little more than an hour and that it was possible that I might miss my conne…