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Help a Sister Out!

In this case, help out MY sister. She entered this cute pic of my Daddy and niece in a "Kissy Face" themed facebook photo contest at Salway Photography

The picture is called 'Kisses for Papa'. Please go here and vote by "liking" the picture. The winner receives a free session fee and I would love for her to have that! Thanks for your help! You're all the best!

To "My Kids" with Love

My mom sent me an article today and it got me to reflecting on my time working with teens. Shortly after my brother passed away at age 14, my preacher asked me to start teaching a jr high girls Sunday school class. It was difficult at first to look in their faces and see them grow and know that my brother never would. But it also gave me the desire to show them the importance of living for Jesus while you are young as none of us are promised tomorrow - although we all have dreams and aspirations for the future. You may think - well that's not a very happy outlook! No it's not or well it could be, but it's the reality you're faced with when something like that happens. And it gave me the motivation and passion I needed to commit to the task. While I did have a void there without my brother I had some special kids to fill that space. Over the next 7 years I went on to teach jr. high and high school, both boys and girls.

After working with youth for almost 8 years I can s…

2012: A (Partial) Look Back and Happy New Year

I was looking over last years post...all 8 of them. lol No I'm not making a new years resolution to post more although I know I should try harder. I actually wrote 14 but only 8 made it out of editing. That's just how it goes for me. I received a Christmas Letter update from a friend with all the goings on of the year and it seemed like a great idea. So here we go...

I put in my notice at my old job around the first of the year.  I had not found a job here yet but had been praying and was sure it was the right time to leave. My last day was March 1st and my friends gave me a great sending off.
this is actually from my birthday but they looked pretty much the same without the hats lol
March 2nd I got to go be a part of missions emphasis week at my high school. I brought several things from Kenya and was able to talk to many kids about missions. I thoroughly enjoyed it.

March 3rd my least favorite part came next. Moving. You will know this if you know just how much I dislike packing…