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When He Spoke

The message Wednesday night reminded me of this song which for some reason I had forgotten about. He was talking about instances in the Bible when people were so distraught and seemingly at the ends of their rope but Jesus knew right where they were and showed up just in time. In this particular story, Mary, was very upset when she found that Jesus had been "taken" but at just that "end of the rope" moment Jesus spoke to her and called her by her name. I can only imagine - He must have said it in such a way that she immediately recognized him as the Lord!!

When He Spoke

She thought he was the gardener when she met him on the road She had gone to see the tomb where Jesus lay  But when she heard the stranger speak "Mary I'm the one you seek"  She ran to the disciples and through her tears they heard her say

When he spoke to me I knew he was the Saviour  When he spoke to me he called me by my name  The stone that sealed my heart with fear rolled suddenly away  F…