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Reaching the World

First I want to say THANK YOU SO MUCH to the those who have supported this project and the Madory family so far. 
I hope you know how appreciative I am to those who have given and some sacrificed in times when I know for a lot of us there isn't just a surplus of money hanging around!  I wanted to give you an update and also ask for those who have not yet gotten involved to please consider doing so. Any amount is welcomed! 
The Madory’s have been given 3,000 Bibles, 2 Million gospel tracks and a bunch of ministry supplies to take back to Kenya and to be used to reach the people like these....

to further the gospel half way around the world in Nairobi, Kenya

to help people come to know Jesus as their personal Saviour - To Rejoice in Him and walk in newness of life!

Their goal was to ship a container with these ministry supplies when they go back to Kenya. In order to do that they need all the money pledged by June 19th so time is running out!! They will be leaving to go back to Kenya a…

Help Send Bibles and Tracts to Kenya

I would like to share an opportunity to help my friends, the Madory's, to get Bibles, tracts and other ministry materials/supplies to Kenya.  I have copied the information from the facebook event that was created for it. Below that is information from Denny on where to send money if you would like to be involved in this worthwhile cause. I am excited to be a part of it and I hope that you will please get involved too! I know any amount will help! Angela commented that if they could just get 200 people to give $50 each it would cover it. 
Our ministry in Kenya has been given 3000 Bibles, 2 Million gospel tracts, several boxes of vacation bible school materials, sunday school curriculum, etc... Also, churches all over the U.S. have had "Happy meal toy drives for kids in Kenya and we have containers full and ready to go. Someone donated a beautiful piano to our church in Kenya. Plus many other things for the work there in East Africa. We have been very blessed, BUT, now all of th…