Reaching the World

First I want to say THANK YOU SO MUCH to the those who have supported this project and the Madory family so far. 

I hope you know how appreciative I am to those who have given and some sacrificed in times when I know for a lot of us there isn't just a surplus of money hanging around!  I wanted to give you an update and also ask for those who have not yet gotten involved to please consider doing so. Any amount is welcomed! 

The Madory’s have been given 3,000 Bibles, 2 Million gospel tracks and a bunch of ministry supplies to take back to Kenya and to be used to reach the people like these....

to further the gospel half way around the world in Nairobi, Kenya

to help people come to know Jesus as their personal Saviour - To Rejoice in Him and walk in newness of life!

Their goal was to ship a container with these ministry supplies when they go back to Kenya. In order to do that they need all the money pledged by June 19th so time is running out!! They will be leaving to go back to Kenya at the end of July. If you as an individual or a church would be willing to help with this please contact me or the Madory’s. I provided the mailing information at the end of this post. If you would like a charitable donation receipt, just send a note with the check and one will be provided to you. 

Right around $5500 has been given/pledged so far and the final goal is $12,000 so we are almost half way there! 

I was with the Madory’s this weekend and was again refreshed and excited to see all that God is doing and the opportunities He seems to be presenting daily to help reach the people of Kenya with the gospel of Jesus Christ! I would also like to share how much I appreciate the attitude of the Madory's toward their calling. They love the life and ministry God has given them in Africa and any one who has spent any time with them can attest to that. They work through challenges with much prayer as they come and give the glory to God for the victories and sometimes every day is a victory over there! I cannot tell you how excited I am to be a part of this project and ministry!!  I hope you will really consider it too. I am looking forward to writing the post that tells how God provided for this project through the prayers and financial support of people and churches just like you who were willing to be a part!

All donations and support is sent to their sending church which acts as their mission board / clearing house. Any checks should be written to: Southwest Baptist Church and then memo the check or attach a note designating it to the Madory's container.  
The mailing address is:
Southwest Baptist Church
Attn: Denny Madory
1300 SW 54th Street
Oklahoma City, OK 73119

In Anticipation,


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