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News from the Madory's

I got some news from the Madory's and wanted to post it here so you all will know what's going on with them and will pray with me that God will meet the needs that Bro. Madory mentioned in his letter - at this point especially for the airfare. He told me today that is the only thing stopping them from coming back and they have sorted out everything to be able to leave with that exception. As one might expect, international airfare for a family of 5 can get a little expensive. So please pray that God will provide for that need soon so they can get their tickets paid for and head home.

Dear Friends,

I am writing to inform you that we are making plans to return to the states for our next furlough.  We have been in Kenya for 2.5 years, and were hoping to spend 1 more year on the field and return in Dec. '11, however, due to many things we have decided it is necessary to move up the furlough. 

We plan to return to the states in late January, and then return again to Kenya in ear…

Merry Christmas to You

Wow. Is anyone with me when I say this month has FLOWN by? Christmas is 2 days away!! I have already been home from Kenya for almost 2 months! And not a day has gone by that I don't think about the trip and the Madory family. I absolutely did not expect the culture shock of coming home. If you've never been on a trip like this you may not understand and I'm quite certain that I can not explain it to you. It has definitely made me look at my life and evaluate where I am, what I’m doing and where I’m going from here. And sometimes that’s a scary thing! Mentally it is very hard to return to work and "normal" life and even church and do the same old things without wondering if there is something more...

So if you've been thinking lately...what's wrong with Sarah? Why is she being weird? Well there you go. A friend reminded me a week ago to look back at everything God did during the time while I was preparing to go and during the trip and even after. And I’m …