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One Year Ago

I year ago RIGHT NOW I was on a plane to Kenya. I waved goodbye to these people...

I was...let's call it apprehensive... about traveling alone. A little...worried... what it would be like once I left the relative safety of my home country and ventured out into the unknown (to me). I may have cried a little when I walked away. 
But as we all know...I survived.

I watched this on the plane..

I sat next to these nice Dutchmen who owned their own flower import/export business who also spoke English which I was glad for... (they were less blurry in real life)

And they shared this (not so yummy) candy with me which I politely ate.

But overall I still had peace because of the many prayers I know went up for me. God is good either way but I'm glad he let it go the way it did.
No insightful thoughts really just that my life has changed a lot since that day one year ago. It definitely is a new season in life! (Speaking of seasons... I'm loving the fall weather right now! Pumpkins and…