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It's Been a While Continued

We had a great trip and as always a good time visiting with friends there at WilsonCreekBaptistChurch in Battlefield, MO. The Madory’s are there now so we missed them by a few days. Not to worry though. 

Jentrie and Madison’s birthdays are coming up in March and I am very much looking forward to going down to Edmond to see them and making a big cake for Madi’s big day – Sweet 16!!  

Anyway, when the weekend was over so was the fun...back to work!
During the snow storms (aka Oklahoma Blizzard 2011) that hit here over the last few weeks our office was closed for 3 days total. These are just a few pictures I took at our place.

Mom's car is under there somewhere

Back porch table and chairs

My car...which was destined to sit in that spot until all the snow melted. It doesn't do well in this weather...or I don't do well in it...either way...there it sat.

Back in town...our offices being closed made it necessary for us to make up the lost hours over the next couple of weeks in the form …

It's Been a While

Well it’s been a while since I posted anything out here. I’ve been writing…just not sharing at the moment. But to bring you up to date I’ll give you a run down on what has been happening lately. 
The Madory’s made it safely to their home in the states and are now busy traveling to present their ministry in hopes of getting their support where they need it to be and get some special projects taken care of. I hope that you will keep praying with me for them and that God will accomplish His will while they are here and also for their safety as they travel.
Last weekend Shauna, a friend of ours, and I took a short trip Springfield. Our friend had never been to Branson and she was off for President’s day weekend so we took her over there. First stop, Tanger outlet mall of course. Incidentally this was also our 4th stop. A girl’s gotta eat and we also went to the Titanic Museum/Exhibit in between. When you first go in they give you a boarding pass with a passengers name and some information a…