It's Been a While

Well it’s been a while since I posted anything out here. I’ve been writing…just not sharing at the moment. But to bring you up to date I’ll give you a run down on what has been happening lately.  

The Madory’s made it safely to their home in the states and are now busy traveling to present their ministry in hopes of getting their support where they need it to be and get some special projects taken care of. I hope that you will keep praying with me for them and that God will accomplish His will while they are here and also for their safety as they travel.

Last weekend Shauna, a friend of ours, and I took a short trip Springfield. Our friend had never been to Branson and she was off for President’s day weekend so we took her over there. First stop, Tanger outlet mall of course. Incidentally this was also our 4th stop. A girl’s gotta eat and we also went to the Titanic Museum/Exhibit in between. When you first go in they give you a boarding pass with a passengers name and some information about them. At the end you find out if you “perished” or “survived”. Surprisingly we all survived as did the people we were traveling with. Shauna and Bre were first class though and they kind of had the big head about it as I was second class and they weren’t sure if we should be seen together…of course I jest. I mean they actually did say that, but they were also jesting.

At the end there was a gift shop where you could buy such wonderful novel items like this coloring book for children…

The one we saw was similar to this one except in addition to the people jumping to their deaths from the ship, there were also people in the foreground in life vest floating here and there getting hypothermia and eventually succumbing to their watery graves. Great children's story – good coloring material there. They had some nice bedtime story books too. The museum itself was dedicated to the memory of the people who lost their lives in what is arguably the most famous maritime disaster of all time. The gift shop on the other hand…well you’ve seen the coloring book. I don’t know what more I could say except tell you about the shirt that said something like “I got hit by an iceberg” in really fun font. I looked for a picture but for some reason they don’t sell this at the online Titanic Store. I guess nearly 100 years really changes how we look at things.

There were also some very interesting quotes from different people etched in glass with their portraits. One said He would never want to be known as the man who took a place on a lifeboat that could have gone to a woman or a child...He perished. But 97 years later we know who he was and why he chose to die.

The glass panel right next to his was from another man who said the thought of helping another person survive never crossed his mind...He survived. And also 97 years later this is what he is remembered for.

It made me think of them as Christians. The first dies trying to help others live. The second thought only of himself and others perished. So what are we doing to help “Rescue the Perishing”? As I’m writing this I’m thinking what will I be remembered for? Will I even be remembered 100 years from now? Or will I be like the names on the wall at the end. Italics – perished. Underline – survived. No more or less information. All your life in a name. Makes me think of a head stone – Name, date of birth-date of death. I’ve heard it said that our whole life is in the dash… So again I ask myself…what’s in my dash?

That’s not really where I started out going with all this but it does make you think doesn’t it?

I better go for now but I’ll finish the rundown in the next post!

See you there…


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