To God be the Glory

I know I haven’t finished my The Beginning story yet but I hope to get it posted before I leave. I’m glad that I already have it mostly written because so much has happened just since I started this blog! When I was writing the first posts and pages, I had faith that God would provide. Since then I have seen Him provide and beyond what I imagined!! He has used family, church family, old friends, new friends, and new opportunities.

I was thinking of how I am undeserving and yet very blessed and thankful for the church families I’ve had the privilege of being a part of and/or friends with. Three in particular, Baptist Temple (Bartlesville, OK), Wilson Creek Baptist Church (Springfield, MO) and Calvary Baptist Church (Perry, OK) have all been a special blessing to me in preparing for this trip.

When I think of how we all came to know each other, I can’t help but see the hand of God and think of Silver State Baptist Youth Camp. Twenty years ago, Wilson Creek Baptist Church’s bus broke down on the way to camp in the middle of the night. We ended up loading all of their people on our bus! We sat 3 and 4 people to a seat. Kids were sleeping in the aisles, under the seats, across the top of the seats. I was only 9 but it’s definitely something I’ll never forget! Then 10 years ago, Calvary Baptist Church started coming to Silver State as well. In the following years when I lived in OKC and was going to college... oh sooooo long ago... I would stop in Perry to visit some friends and go to church. In both instances, those were just the beginnings of some very special relationships with some very special people! Then it was this summer at Silver State that I was able to hear Bro. Madory preach and visit with them and that of course is why you are reading this site today.

I guess I just find it so interesting how God brings people into each other’s lives and knits our hearts together.
That sounds silly and mushy right? But it’s true! How is it that He orchestrates the timing of uncountable things? That He places people into our lives for such a time as this? That His love is shown through so many people in so many different ways?

And the family He has given me... My wonderful family who are faithfully reading these posts and genuinely care about me and what happens in my life. Who were the first to “make their pledge” to see that this opportunity could be afforded me. Who are praying that God will give me protection and direction as I go and have shown their love in acts of kindness and support.

Not to leave out all the friends who I’ve gotten facebook messages, emails, phone calls or text messages from saying “Hey I’m excited for you and I'm praying for you”. And the friends that I daily interact with that are helping me wherever they can to get ready, sacrificing their time and giving of themselves.

Just this past Sunday night, my pastor planned a special service with the purpose of lifting me up in prayer. Praying for a “hedge” (or as I requested a concrete steel barrier ha)of protection around me and asking that God would reveal and make his will very clear for my life. As I was standing there surrounded by my church family and visiting friends, all of whom were praying for me, it was a very humbling and comforting time to know that so many people were approaching the throne of God on my behalf. What an awesome (as in awe inspiring) thing!!

It’s overwhelming when I think about it and of course I am crying right now! lol

God has answered so many prayers through this and I trust it’s only the beginning so please keep praying! I do not take it lightly and I appreciate it immensely. At this point, all my plans have been up to getting there. I haven’t spent a lot of time worrying about... well anything else really. I know God wants me to go so I know He’s taking care of it. Whatever “it” might be. If I think too long about traveling by myself, I get a little scared. So I’m just not going to think about it! (Don't worry I am heeding all the travel advice that has been given to me. Thank you to those who have contributed!) I know God has something wonderful in store and I am looking forward to my time with the Madory’s and how God will use it. I pray that I could be a witness and testimony to someone who is without the gospel and Jesus today.



  1. Amen. Well said. Love you, Aunt Susan.

  2. It has been awesome seeing God work out all the details for you. No one can deny that God wants this for you. Can't wait to see ya! We are going to have a great time!!! Praying for your last little bit of support!!! See Ya Soon!
    The Madorys


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