Packing, Prayers, Hearts, Beads and a Monster

Well it's 15 days out now and I am feeling the pressure to get things done before I go!! Work stuff, church stuff, home stuff and the most dreaded part....the packing.

Packing has got to be one of my least favorite activities...ever.

But this time, I have a plan! It's always good to have a plan when it comes to being away from your house and regular conveniences for a month. So I have my suitcases set up in the spare bedroom, and as things come to mind that I need to take, I just go ahead and put them it in there so I won't forget them later. It's working pretty good so far. We'll see once I get there and I say "I can't believe I forgot that!". I hope those are not words that I have to utter.

One of the first things I am excited about is the ladies meeting there on Oct 7th, 8th and 9th. I am really looking forward to helping with it and meeting the missionary ladies. Please pray for this meeting and for those preparing for it. I know a lot of work is going into it and there is a desire to be a blessing and encouragement to those who attend.

The theme is Kindred Hearts so, you guessed it, lots of heart shaped things! I went through my hobby room looking for anything we could use. I found several fun things that I bought around Valentines day over two years ago thinking I might use them someday. Well....that day has finally come! lol (See Dad? It really is not all junk haha)

Shauna, Sandra (my friend from work) and I are making bracelets for the ladies as a small gift. We had so much fun last night working on them. I have never made jewelry before but Sandra is a great teacher and has all the fun gadgets to put it all together. I will post some pictures once we get more done.

Shauna was on a roll last night! In the time it took me to make two, she made four! And that was including the time she spent picking up beads off the floor because she kept dropping them. They were rolling all over and she was crawling around. It was pretty funny but maybe you had to be there. . .scratch that, it was funny either way! If you're not laughing right should be. Maybe I can get a picture of her face next time she accidentally grabs her felt square with all the beads on it and they fly everywhere. Then you would be laughing for sure!

We had such a great time even though it made for a late night. (I know, what's new right?) I went to bed around 1am. When I got up this morning I had 3 pictures text from Shauna at 2:00 and 3:00 this morning. She made three more! She said she just couldn't stop! Ha So funny.

Sandra, I think we've created a monster...


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