One Day Away...

Well it's finally down to ONE DAY! Not a lot of time but wanted to write a quick update to keep you all informed.  I have all things gathered into one general location (my house). I shouldn't have to make any more Wal-mart runs (hopefully). Now it's just packing, weighing, repacking, repeat... 

I was looking at some pictures that I've taken over the last week and thought I'd share a few.

Dad grilling out the other night. He gets his cast off today. Yay Daddy!

Riata and Me - watching Dad try to flip burgers with a cast on. Josie Help!

I had a really funny picture of Josie to put here....but I don't want to get in trouble. lol

Mom and Dad were dog sitting Jill. She really wanted to come out and join the fun.

 Riata looking like the Sweetie that she is. 5 months old! Hard to believe!

The Jr. church kids from Sunday morning. They were such a "blessing" with all their "kind" words and "well wishes". If I told you what all they said you would understand why all those words are in quotations marks. Oh the things kids will say!

Bro. Terry and Bro. Bill. They make me laugh.

I was holding Riata while she was sleeping last night thinking about how much she will grow before I get back. It's pretty amazing. She is sure is sweet!

Tonight we are all meeting at Sam and Justin's to celebrate my Mom's birthday. Her birthday is actually tomorrow, but since I'll be out of the country (weird!)....we are doing it tonight! I am looking forward to everyone being together. Seems like life is busy and we don't get to do that as much any more! I'll let you know how it goes and hopefully post some pictures from that!

The details: My flights leaves Tulsa at 1:00 pm tomorrow (Wednesday) afternoon. I fly from Tulsa to Atlanta to Amsterdam to Nairobi. My flight is supposed to get into Nairobi at 7:25 pm on Thursday there. They are 8 hours ahead.

I better get busy. Hope you enjoy these few pictures and thoughts. Thank you everyone for all the well wishes and prayers! Keep them coming. I sure appreciate it!!

Until Next Time...



  1. Sure had a goof time at mom's birthday party & your last night with us. I hope you have a safe trip and a greay time away in a different country away from your family many miles away. Anyways, I pray God will keep you safe and direct you for your future endeavors. Love You!!!!

  2. I know I am way behind but who does cute little Riata belong to?


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