No Turning Back

A short update: As of yesterday morning…I have plane tickets!!! I will be flying out of Tulsa on Wednesday, September 29th (my mom’s birthday). That is 21 days from now! Then I will leave Nairobi on Monday, October 25th. I will be gone almost a full month! I am getting close to my goal financially. In addition to my family and friends who have given verbal encouragment and financial support, I would like to say thank you to my church, Baptist Temple and to Wilson Creek Baptist Church for their support and continued prayers. I appreciate both very much and am thankful that God is using them in my life and to minister in the lives of others. It is always good to have someone say "I'll be praying for you" and know that they will really be doing just that!! I also received my passport in the mail on Friday. Word of advice to those considering getting a passport, do not let the lady at the post office take your picture. It will be bad... very bad. But it still works the same whether I look terrible or not and I’m glad it is now in my possession!


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