As Promised

What?!? Another post?! So soon? Two days in a row?!

I know... it's shocking.

But here it is!

Just a few photos of the bracelets that we've made so far.

They are not all strung together yet with clasps but I think you'll get the idea.

Notice the lovely paper clip and the Post-it's from the first photo? (I actually just looked at them to check on how to spell Post it..and they aren't even real Post Its!! They're "Stickies"! Did I get it right yet?) And that this tray is sitting on a stack of papers on my desk at work? Nice right?

Very warm and earthy. I like these! Good job Shauna!!

We have really enjoyed working on them a lot. I called Shauna a monster yesterday but last night I was the one up until 2!

The most acceptable explanation (that I'll go into right now) is that we are both aware that it's only 14 days...14 DAYS!!! that's TWO WEEKS FROM TODAY... until I leave so we would like to get it all done and not be doing them last minute! Best to work on it when the creativity is flowing!!

On a side note... just so you know, anyone can comment on these post. So if you read this blog...please consider letting me know. I know that you know that you read it. But it might be nice for me to know that you know that I know...wait what was I saying? ha And if you could be the very first one!! Ever...on this site...are you clicking on the leave a comment button yet? I am clearly feeling a little silly this afternoon so I'm going to wrap this thing up.

Until next time...



  1. Beautiful! They are even more beautiful in person! Good job!

  2. ahh, I wanted to be first dang it!

    Thery are beautiful and Grandma and I read all your post. Please keep posting! Love you

  3. The bracelets are beautiful. Reminds me of when I was doing the same thing. Keep posting. I read all of them.. You are doing a great job and it is all very interesting. Love you. Miss you. Grandma


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