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One Day Away...

Well it's finally down to ONE DAY! Not a lot of time but wanted to write a quick update to keep you all informed.  I have all things gathered into one general location (my house). I shouldn't have to make any more Wal-mart runs (hopefully). Now it's just packing, weighing, repacking, repeat... 
I was looking at some pictures that I've taken over the last week and thought I'd share a few.
Dad grilling out the other night. He gets his cast off today. Yay Daddy!

Riata and Me - watching Dad try to flip burgers with a cast on. Josie Help!

I had a really funny picture of Josie to put here....but I don't want to get in trouble. lol

Mom and Dad were dog sitting Jill. She really wanted to come out and join the fun.

 Riata looking like the Sweetie that she is. 5 months old! Hard to believe!

The Jr. church kids from Sunday morning. They were such a "blessing" with all their "kind" words and "well wishes". If I told you what all they said you would…

To God be the Glory

I know I haven’t finished my The Beginning story yet but I hope to get it posted before I leave. I’m glad that I already have it mostly written because so much has happened just since I started this blog! When I was writing the first posts and pages, I had faith that God would provide. Since then I have seen Him provide and beyond what I imagined!! He has used family, church family, old friends, new friends, and new opportunities.
I was thinking of how I am undeserving and yet very blessed and thankful for the church families I’ve had the privilege of being a part of and/or friends with. Three in particular, BaptistTemple (Bartlesville, OK), WilsonCreekBaptistChurch (Springfield, MO) and CalvaryBaptistChurch (Perry, OK) have all been a special blessing to me in preparing for this trip.
When I think of how we all came to know each other, I can’t help but see the hand of God and think of Silver State Baptist Youth Camp. Twenty years ago, WilsonCreekBaptistChurch’s bus broke down on the …

Welcome Home

Well just one week from right now, I will be aboard a plane somewhere between here and Kenya! I can't believe that the time has actually come! And boy did it come fast!!
No, I am not packed...
But the suitcases are here...
The laundry is being done...
And the living room, kitchen and bathrooms are... clean!!
How does that help? Well, I always enjoy coming home to a clean house even if I’m just gone a few days. So this will be even better!!
When I got home from work last night, I put my key in the lock and walked into my house expecting to find it as I left it that morning: Dark, unvacuumed, pile of work sweaters in the recliner, basket of unfolded clothes on ottoman, mail on the tv tray, and several stray pairs of shoes waiting for me to trip over them.
But to my great SURPRISE (I jumped a little lol) and DELIGHT the blinds were open, the smell of autumn was in the air (compliments of the many burning candles) the floor was vacuumed, clothes put in the bedroom, mail and t…

Roll Over

Last night Josie and I were at Mom and Dad's waiting for everyone to get home. We had planned to spend some time together before they (Mom, Dad, and Shauna) left today for their weekend trip to Eureka Springs.

Josie was trying to show me how Riata could stay sitting up by herself.

Here they are. So sweet. Well Riata anyway ;) (Just kidding Josie!)
When they were done with that, Riata was laying on the floor on her tummy. Of course, when she is at home with us she doesn't spend a lot of time on the floor because we all have to take turns just to get to hold her as it is! She was wiggling all around. I think she'll probably be crawling by the time I get back from this trip!

So it was pretty awesome to see her roll over for the first time!

And I just happened to have my camera...

Mom, Dad and Shauna missed it by minutes!!

We clapped and made a big deal and Buster didn't know what was going on or what to do.
He thought maybe he should nibble on her a little..... don'…

As Promised

What?!? Another post?! So soon? Two days in a row?!

I know... it's shocking.

But here it is!

Just a few photos of the bracelets that we've made so far.

They are not all strung together yet with clasps but I think you'll get the idea.

Notice the lovely paper clip and the Post-it's from the first photo? (I actually just looked at them to check on how to spell Post it..and they aren't even real Post Its!! They're "Stickies"! Did I get it right yet?) And that this tray is sitting on a stack of papers on my desk at work? Nice right?

Very warm and earthy. I like these! Good job Shauna!!

We have really enjoyed working on them a lot. I called Shauna a monster yesterday but last night I was the one up until 2!
The most acceptable explanation (that I'll go into right now) is that we are both aware that it's only 14 days...14 DAYS!!! that's TWO WEEKS FROM TODAY... until I leave so we would like to get it all done and not be doing them last minute! Be…

Packing, Prayers, Hearts, Beads and a Monster

Well it's 15 days out now and I am feeling the pressure to get things done before I go!! Work stuff, church stuff, home stuff and the most dreaded part....the packing.

Packing has got to be one of my least favorite activities...ever.

But this time, I have a plan! It's always good to have a plan when it comes to being away from your house and regular conveniences for a month. So I have my suitcases set up in the spare bedroom, and as things come to mind that I need to take, I just go ahead and put them it in there so I won't forget them later. It's working pretty good so far. We'll see once I get there and I say "I can't believe I forgot that!". I hope those are not words that I have to utter.

One of the first things I am excited about is the ladies meeting there on Oct 7th, 8th and 9th. I am really looking forward to helping with it and meeting the missionary ladies. Please pray for this meeting and for those preparing for it. I know a lot of work …

No Turning Back

A short update: As of yesterday morning…I have plane tickets!!! I will be flying out of Tulsa on Wednesday, September 29th (my mom’s birthday). That is 21 days from now! Then I will leave Nairobi on Monday, October 25th. I will be gone almost a full month! I am getting close to my goal financially. In addition to my family and friends who have given verbal encouragment and financial support, I would like to say thank you to my church, Baptist Temple and to Wilson Creek Baptist Church for their support and continued prayers. I appreciate both very much and am thankful that God is using them in my life and to minister in the lives of others. It is always good to have someone say "I'll be praying for you" and know that they will really be doing just that!! I also received my passport in the mail on Friday. Word of advice to those considering getting a passport, do not let the lady at the post office take your picture. It will be bad... very bad. But it still works the same …

On Hold...

Hello everyone! Anyone? Sorry I haven’t been able to post here over the last week. My cousin got married last weekend and the whole week was jam packed with work, church and cake! I added my twitter feed to the page (in case you didn’t notice) and have been trying to keep up to date info there. Plane tickets still have not been purchased… You know how sometimes we feel like God has us on hold while He tends to more important matters? Well maybe you have never felt this way but I’ll confess that I have. This last couple of weeks has been a little like that. Don’t worry. I know this is not the case because that’s just not how He operates! It’s only how we perceive it with our finite minds. We can not understand God who is infinite, holy and eternally good. He knows all, sees all and can be everywhere controlling everything at once. It’s incomprehensible to us – but that’s God! I’m still looking forward to what He will do. I am thankful that He has the plan and can see the whole picture!…