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Happy Birthday Baby

To our beautiful baby girl...

Although I moved away at this time last year, we got to see each other still because I came to visit you and you all came to visit me too and we skyped some also. You are good at working the iPad although you have a hard time paying attention but I love the hugs and kisses at the end! I can't believe how much you have grown! I remember this day 3 years ago. We were all waiting not so patiently to meet you.

After you finally got here, I was watching you get your first bath (don't worry I took LOTS of pictures for you) and you wrapped your tiny little hand around my finger and my heart.

But you are getting to be a big girl now! 

You turn 3 today!  You say the funniest things and are so sweet and ornery. And you know that you light up all our lives. You are practically irresistible when you say "Pwease, Pwease" or "I need a hug" or "Just one more...". 

Speaking of hugs, you give the best ones when I come home and we "…