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We Remember

On September 11, 2001, I was living in "on campus" off campus housing in north Oklahoma City. I was just a few weeks in to my junior year of Bible college. I shared the apartment with 4 other girls, all of whom had earlier classes than me that day and were already at school. We didn't have a tv and this was way before smart phones and news at the touch of a button. It was chapel day and I had one class before that and I was getting ready. I had on a navy blue polka dot skirt I borrowed from my room mate. I had just finished curling my long blonde hair. I was excited about my outfit that day. 
My mom called and I must have been half listening, standing in the living room, as I heard her say something about hijacking and terrorist and a plane flying into a building. I said, "Mom what are you talking about? A movie? Is this a movie you watched?" She said "No! It's REAL and it's happening right now! You need to turn on the news!" 
I got off the phon…