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He's Still On Time

I haven't talked about this much, but I've decided to bring you up to speed. I've been looking for a new job in the area I am relocating to. I have been commuting back and forth on the weekends for the last 4 months. And what a WONDERFUL time it has been! It is almost exactly a 3 hour trip one way so I have some time to think between here and there.

Sometimes I...

a.) listen to music
b.) listen to an audio book
c.) listen to the preaching cd's from the Wednesday night services I miss there
d.) talk to God
e.) analyze
f.) plan
g.) practice singing for an upcoming special (yes I'm one of those people singing to the top of their voice by their self in the car and doesn't care who is watching)
h.) call people and catch up
i.) and sometimes I do all of the above

...not at the same time. But you get the idea.

This week on the way home, I was thinking over the weekend and the week to come. There is a ladies meeting this Tuesday that I would really like to go to, but b…

Caution: Guardian Angels at Work

My mom called me at about 10:30 this morning. It went something like this...

Mom: Someone just drove through Shauna's office building *pause*...
Me: And???? Is she ok? What happened? Why would someone do that?
Mom: She's ok - just her ankle.
Me: So she's ok? what about her ankle? is it broken? is it smashed?
Mom: It's just scratched. We're gonna go to the ER and get x-rays to make sure.
Me: Where did the car end up?
Mom: In her desk!
Me: Where are you right now?
Mom: We here, at her work standing in it. It's crazy. She said she heard the explosion of it coming through one wall headed straight for her and thought she was going to die.
Me: Do I need to come down there?
Mom: No it's ok.
Me: Are you sure?
Mom: Yes I'm sure.

Then I hung up...told everyone around my desk area...probably cried a little bit and the first thing I thought after that was "did I give her a hug when she left my house last night?".... got my car keys and left to go meet the…

Wonderful World of Jewelry Making

We introduced Amanda (my niece) to the wonderful world of jewelry making last week. (She loved it - I think she's hooked too.) It was just about 2 am when we said for the final time "What are we still doing up?! We have GOT to go to bed!"

As some of you may remember, before my trip to Kenya last year I asked my friend Sandra to teach me to make bracelets so I could take them as a gift for the ladies retreat we would be  hosting in Kenya. Shauna and I had A LOT of fun learning to design our own pieces. Since then I've learned to put them together on my own and even to make earrings!

All of our schedules have been pretty busy lately so it’s been a while since I busted out any of the jewelry making paraphernalia. But last week I got out the big table and pulled all of it out of its armoire storage home. I opened every box so we could “shop” for the desired bead combinations. The results are below.

These particular pieces were put into a fun auction at a ladies retreat …

Back from Prison

Just wanted to let you know that we made it in and out of prison and it was GREAT! I’ll write more about it when I am reunited with my computer (I left it in Missouri so I’m without this week!) 
I have some exciting stuff to tell you about what is going on with the Madory’s and the opportunities God is giving them in Kenya too. So stay tuned for that. In the mean time head on over to their website and read the last few newsletters. If you would like to be added to Denny’s mailing list send him an email with the request. Then anytime he sends out a new newsletter it will come straight to you! This will keep you up to date on the things going on there was well. Most of what you hear in the news about Kenya is not very good right now as you read in my post titled Kenya in the News. But God is still working there and doing great things!! Reading the Madory newsletters is a great way to hear about that. Every time I read one I am always excited to hear about everything going on and a litt…