Caution: Guardian Angels at Work

My mom called me at about 10:30 this morning. It went something like this...

Mom: Someone just drove through Shauna's office building *pause*...
Me: And???? Is she ok? What happened? Why would someone do that?
Mom: She's ok - just her ankle.
Me: So she's ok? what about her ankle? is it broken? is it smashed?
Mom: It's just scratched. We're gonna go to the ER and get x-rays to make sure.
Me: Where did the car end up?
Mom: In her desk!
Me: Where are you right now?
Mom: We here, at her work standing in it. It's crazy. She said she heard the explosion of it coming through one wall headed straight for her and thought she was going to die.
Me: Do I need to come down there?
Mom: No it's ok.
Me: Are you sure?
Mom: Yes I'm sure.

Then I hung up...told everyone around my desk area...probably cried a little bit and the first thing I thought after that was "did I give her a hug when she left my house last night?".... got my car keys and left to go meet them!

Advice to others who may have to call someone to deliver this kind of news...the very first words you should say are "Everyone is ok..." A persons mind can fill in all kinds of things in the time you take to pause for breath! Whew! I love you Mom!

So Praise the Lord, Thank God and keep up the good work guardian angles!

This used to be a full brick wall.

This was the waiting room.

I heard later that someone was sitting in that leather chair!! They were not injured miraculously!

Shauna was sitting at that desk 3 seconds before it looked like this.

Now that we know everyone is's ok to go ahead and read the sign if you can.

We went out to lunch afterwards so everyone could settle down for a little bit. She said by the time she got up, her desk was already moving and she didn't think she would be able to get away from it because it was chasing her. Like in a movie. 

One of the people (policemen?) asked if there was any video of it. They said no. He said, "too bad because that would have been awesome!" Which is funny because I was envisioning one of those shows where ATM or security cameras catch crazy stuff. And they say "look at this woman's face because she sees it coming before anyone else...woe there is it!! Did you see that?" Then they replay it several times. 

Well there was no camera. 

But I did reply to her "like a movie" comment with "So you were like Harrison Ford and your desk was like the train?" (a reference to possibly my favorite movie of all time The Fugitive) She said yes - that's pretty much how it happened.

Praise the Lord - Scratched ankles heal. Love you sister (and Heather). Glad everyone is ok!


  1. Incredible! So glad everyone is alright, but that sign is hi-lar-i-ous! Clutter indeed!


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