Wonderful World of Jewelry Making

We introduced Amanda (my niece) to the wonderful world of jewelry making last week. (She loved it - I think she's hooked too.) It was just about 2 am when we said for the final time "What are we still doing up?! We have GOT to go to bed!"

As some of you may remember, before my trip to Kenya last year I asked my friend Sandra to teach me to make bracelets so I could take them as a gift for the ladies retreat we would be  hosting in Kenya. Shauna and I had A LOT of fun learning to design our own pieces. Since then I've learned to put them together on my own and even to make earrings!

All of our schedules have been pretty busy lately so it’s been a while since I busted out any of the jewelry making paraphernalia. But last week I got out the big table and pulled all of it out of its armoire storage home. I opened every box so we could “shop” for the desired bead combinations. The results are below.

These particular pieces were put into a fun auction at a ladies retreat to help send Bibles to West Africa for school children. One of the bracelets is missing from the picture but you can imagine how it looks from the earrings. The pictures aren't the best but I had to improvise with my camera phone at work during lunch so they'll have to do. :)

Also in the news...there were a couple of earthquakes here in Oklahoma this week! It would be just wrong of me not to mention it since EVERY ONE is talking about. I was in Missouri last weekend and had been asleep for an hour or so when I started getting texts from my sisters that they had an earthquake and they actually all felt it! Monday night it was raining, storming, thundering and lighting and we had another aftershock quake. I was in Oklahoma for this one but I was driving a short distance in my car and thought it was just thunder. When I got home they were reporting on tornado warnings and earthquake coverage. Quite a night.


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