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A Good Morning

I am very excited this morning for two reasons...

Reason #1 being I am not sick at the moment which is saying a lot. I don't know why - but I have been sick almost every week for the last two months! And since I could barely stand on Sunday to walk from one room to the next, I am very glad to be at my desk working this morning.

Reason #2 is as I write this the Madory's are on a plane somewhere between London and Dallas! I know not only will they be missed by the people there, but they will miss Kenya very much (I know they are already missing the weather :) But I, along with many more of their friends I'm sure, am looking forward to seeing them A LOT! I am also very excited to see God answer prayer and work through this time and supply their needs for support for current ministry, new projects and other special request.

Hope you are having a great Tuesday!

Feeling Better Today,