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Going to Prison

Don't worry! It's just a visit. I'm not planning on staying long term. I'm sure when I leave I'll be thankful that I have that option! Just wanted to write a quick note to tell you I am on my first trip to prison this weekend with my church's prison ministry team.  I'm a little nervous but also excited too.

I would just ask that you would pray for us tomorrow as we go in that we could be used of God to share the gospel and message of salvation - to be with each person that is ministering that they would be directed by the Holy Spirit and for those attending the services to be seeking what God might have for them.


I Am the Water

I was at the sink emptying my water bottle the other morning so I could fill it up with cold, fresh, clean new water. I have this habit of filling a bottle of water, taking a couple drinks, then leaving it there for a couple of days before pouring it out and starting all over again. I usually have a couple of different beverages going at my desk. A bottle of water, a cup of coffee, maybe some juice or a leftover cup from yesterday's lunch. 

So as I was emptying the water and it seemed like it wasn't pouring out quite fast enough for me because it was so full - it struck me what a waste it was. Many people in the world have no clean drinking water and here I am just pouring it down the drain to get some that is a little more "fresh" than yesterday's. We always hear about different efforts to help those people who are without to get clean drinking water to fulfill their physical needs. But that made me think of a different kind of water which made me think of a so…

Kenya in the News

I don't know if any of you have seen the recent news involving Kenya but I decided to tell you about it at the risk that more well meaning people will tell me that God needs missionaries in safer places like Hawaii and New Zealand and maybe I should go there instead. :) Anyway this is just a reminder that it is so important that we pray for our missionaries at all times but especially when things like this are happening.

A British man was killed and his wife was kidnapped from a resort in Kenya near the Somalia border in mid September. There has been several other kidnappings since then as well in the same area. These are the kidnappings referred to in the following post. Also here is a map of Kenya so you can see the proximity.

This is from another missionaries blog on October 19th
This has also been an interesting week for Kenya. In response to the kidnappings, the Kenyan army has entered Somalia and has starting going after Al Shabaab which is a group connected to Al Queda. In…

Focus on America 2011

Well the conference was wonderful! I enjoyed all the services that I was able to attend so much. There were men there from all over the country presenting the work God is using them in. It was exciting to see God meet their needs and even before that to hear the excitement and enthusiasm they had for sharing the Gospel where God has called them. The preaching from some faithful servants of God was excellent. Even just hearing testimonies from others about their salvation and what God has done is their life is uplifting and reminds us that He is able... I believe if God gives us the opportunity to share what He has done for us we should never take that for granted. I'm not saying that because I believe I have such a great testimony but rather because I can think of several times in my life where someones else's testimony has helped me a great deal and I appreciated their willingness to share it. 
This is just a short post because I don't have time to tell you everything but…

He Is There

Looking back on last year – This would have been my 18th day in Kenya – it was getting down to my last week there and I was not ready to leave.

I tried to write down at least what we did every day while I was there if not other thoughts, feelings and observations. It was spread over 3 different notebooks and I have been piecing them together and reading over those notes this month. It is interesting to look back on it now.

On my way home from Tulsa Sunday night I was listening to music on shuffle when a message came up in the mix. When that happens I usually try to listen because maybe God put that one in line just for me! 
It was about missions (I’ve listened to it a couple of times already but it’s still good). He said that we shouldn’t be afraid to do what God is asking us to do – launching into the deep – because He is there already!  As I was considering that, I realized that sometimes when thinking of the “great unknown” – I also hear the “great alone”.  But I (and you) need to …

In other news...

Our Focus on America church planters conference starts tonight at Wilson Creek Baptist Church and I am soooooo excited that I get to be there this year. I have heard great things about it and am extremely glad that I will get to attend and help serve in it! I am looking forward to seeing God work through the week and meeting/hearing from many who have a burden to spread the Gospel through planting churches in this country. I will let you know how it goes!

Happy Anniversary

I know I have been really bad at blogging and in my defense I only have the internet maybe 2 out of 7 days and one of those days is Sunday so it doesn’t really count because I’m pretty  busy that day. And the other day I am out and about without much time for thinking, writing, editing, writing, editing and posting! But I am going to make a concentrated effort to post at least every few days. It may not be long or especially thoughtful, insightful or laden with pictures…but hopefully it will be something!
I will start today by wishing my parents a Happy Anniversary!! 36 years ago today they said I do. I wish I had some of those pictures handy because you would really enjoy them – I promise!
We all got together this last weekend to celebrate. We stayed in some cabins at Keystone Lake near Tulsa and had a good time together eating some yummy grilled stuff...

 riding in a boat...


 and eating some more.