He Is There

Looking back on last year – This would have been my 18th day in Kenya – it was getting down to my last week there and I was not ready to leave.

I tried to write down at least what we did every day while I was there if not other thoughts, feelings and observations. It was spread over 3 different notebooks and I have been piecing them together and reading over those notes this month. It is interesting to look back on it now.

On my way home from Tulsa Sunday night I was listening to music on shuffle when a message came up in the mix. When that happens I usually try to listen because maybe God put that one in line just for me! 

It was about missions (I’ve listened to it a couple of times already but it’s still good). He said that we shouldn’t be afraid to do what God is asking us to do – launching into the deep – because He is there already!  As I was considering that, I realized that sometimes when thinking of the “great unknown” – I also hear the “great alone”.  But I (and you) need to remember HE IS ALREADY THERE – waiting for you (and me) to follow him. It made me think of this great song in which the chorus says... 

He is there, when you’re out in the darkness
He is there, when you’re down in the valley 
And you feel like you’re all alone, He is there 
He is there, just like he promised 
He is there, I have found he is faithful 
If you ever have to come this far…He is there. 

I am glad that God comforts me with these thoughts when I don’t even realize that is what I need to hear until I hear it.


  1. The great unknown and the great alone--sure have felt like that at times. Love the lyrics to that song.

  2. Thanks for reading Stephanie! Next time you come to visit I'll let you hear the whole song - it's a good one.


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