Happy Anniversary

I know I have been really bad at blogging and in my defense I only have the internet maybe 2 out of 7 days and one of those days is Sunday so it doesn’t really count because I’m pretty  busy that day. And the other day I am out and about without much time for thinking, writing, editing, writing, editing and posting! But I am going to make a concentrated effort to post at least every few days. It may not be long or especially thoughtful, insightful or laden with pictures…but hopefully it will be something!

I will start today by wishing my parents a Happy Anniversary!! 36 years ago today they said I do. I wish I had some of those pictures handy because you would really enjoy them – I promise!

We all got together this last weekend to celebrate. We stayed in some cabins at Keystone Lake near Tulsa and had a good time together eating some yummy grilled stuff...

 riding in a boat...


 and eating some more.

                                                                       ~Not Pictured~

The weather was beautiful and I got sunburned…because I always think…sunblock? Eh I’ll be fine…and I never am. Talk about not learning from your mistakes!

Then my 6 year old nephew was riding his bike - having a good time until he had a pretty bad bike wreck.
Which resulted in a trip to the ER and where they found out he had a concussion and had broken his jaw in three places and would require surgery. So they admitted him (he is smiling in case you can't tell)…

Incidentally at the same time, my newest nephew who had been in the hospital since Friday, would also be having surgery on the valve between his stomach and lower intestine which wasn’t letting anything get by it (yes this is a bad thing - but isn't he so cute with his Buffalo?).

Sunday I took my 4 year old niece with me and we went to church at Tulsa Baptist Temple where I really enjoyed the services and the people were very sweet and friendly. The messages were a real encouragement to me about some things I had been thinking about. I’m glad I didn’t take vacation from church on my vacation! I would have missed out. Then I spent that afternoon between both hospitals to see the boys.

They both had their surgeries on Monday morning and both did well. Whew! We were all glad and seriously we are thankful for all the folks that were praying for them (and their Moms and Pappy and Nana and everyone else!) 

They haven’t got to come home yet but are recovering just fine in their respective hospitals.

Not all the kids' weekend ended in a hospital visit...Riata (as seen below) had a blast (so did Jaylee - I just don't happen to have a picture of that!)

We did have a good time together in spite of everything that was going on. God is still good and faithful. Mom had been planning this weekend for a while and I'm glad our family takes the time to spend together in this way and that I was able to be here for it.

Happy Anniversary Mom and Dad. I love you both very much!


  1. it was a great weekend on many ways!
    thanks love ya, mom


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