On Hold...

Hello everyone! Anyone? Sorry I haven’t been able to post here over the last week. My cousin got married last weekend and the whole week was jam packed with work, church and cake! I added my twitter feed to the page (in case you didn’t notice) and have been trying to keep up to date info there. Plane tickets still have not been purchased… You know how sometimes we feel like God has us on hold while He tends to more important matters? Well maybe you have never felt this way but I’ll confess that I have. This last couple of weeks has been a little like that. Don’t worry. I know this is not the case because that’s just not how He operates! It’s only how we perceive it with our finite minds. We can not understand God who is infinite, holy and eternally good. He knows all, sees all and can be everywhere controlling everything at once. It’s incomprehensible to us – but that’s God! I’m still looking forward to what He will do. I am thankful that He has the plan and can see the whole picture! A wise preacher once told me that when you don’t know what to do, keep doing what you know to do until God tells you to do something different. Pray, read my Bible, go to church…follow God. I have peace knowing that He is working out the details!

I also got some exciting news today about the Madory’s. About a week after they got back home to Kenya, their landlord called to say he was going to double their rent! Bro. Madory said they couldn’t pay that much. The landlord then told them to make plans to move! I know it was a frustrating and stressful few weeks for them. I also know that there have been many people praying for them, our church included.

This morning he reported this on facebook “OK FB friends, the housing crisis is OVER! Amen! We had a great meeting with our current landlords last night and reached an agreement that we are both very happy with which includes a new 5 year lease. So, no moving for us PRAISE HIM for that!”

Then a second post which said, “Praise report #2 – finally sold the old car which gave us so much trouble, and already found another nice car. I will be collecting the new car today (well new to us even though it is 8 years old). lol it is not a 4WD, but should still serve us well within Nairobi for a while. Praise Him Again!”

One of the comments said “This is awesome!! Why are we surprised when God answers our prayers?” Isn’t this true? I am so glad He does!


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