Roll Over

Last night Josie and I were at Mom and Dad's waiting for everyone to get home. We had planned to spend some time together before they (Mom, Dad, and Shauna) left today for their weekend trip to Eureka Springs.

Josie was trying to show me how Riata could stay sitting up by herself.

Here they are. So sweet. Well Riata anyway ;) (Just kidding Josie!)

When they were done with that, Riata was laying on the floor on her tummy. Of course, when she is at home with us she doesn't spend a lot of time on the floor because we all have to take turns just to get to hold her as it is! She was wiggling all around. I think she'll probably be crawling by the time I get back from this trip!

So it was pretty awesome to see her roll over for the first time!

And I just happened to have my camera...

Mom, Dad and Shauna missed it by minutes!!

We clapped and made a big deal and Buster didn't know what was going on or what to do.
He thought maybe he should nibble on her a little..... don't worry...we didn't let him. :)

I think she was pleased with herself.

We were too.

And what does this have to do with trip progress you might be asking yourself? Well...not a whole lot.

But who doesn't love to see some cute baby pictures?! Especially of this little Sweetie!

I know I do. And my Grandma does (HI GRANDMA!!!).

So in closing....enjoy!



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