It's Been a While Continued

We had a great trip and as always a good time visiting with friends there at Wilson Creek Baptist Church in Battlefield, MO. The Madory’s are there now so we missed them by a few days. Not to worry though. 

Jentrie and Madison’s birthdays are coming up in March and I am very much looking forward to going down to Edmond to see them and making a big cake for Madi’s big day – Sweet 16!!  

Anyway, when the weekend was over so was the fun...back to work!

During the snow storms (aka Oklahoma Blizzard 2011) that hit here over the last few weeks our office was closed for 3 days total. These are just a few pictures I took at our place.

Mom's car is under there somewhere

Back porch table and chairs

My car...which was destined to sit in that spot until all the snow melted. It doesn't do well in this weather...or I don't do well in it...either way...there it sat.

Back in town...our offices being closed made it necessary for us to make up the lost hours over the next couple of weeks in the form of mandatory overtime. I will have to work this Saturday and Sunday afternoon as well to get it all in. But that’s life. Next week should be back to “normal”. Although nothing about my job has been normal since I got home from Kenya. But change is good sometimes and if nothing else it breaks the monotony. OK Enough talk about work.

Big News…Riata started crawling last week…finally!!!! I would have preferred that it not be on the night when I was home making a cake and not there to see it! But what can you do? She is so funny and happy and sweet and snuggly and laughy…do you like that? I just made it up. It’s like giggly..but not so much. It’s laughy. So as you can tell…I kinda like her… And last night she got to come to our first girls night at Samantha’s place. 

See how much fun she had? I heart you too Riata!

So all of us girls (Shauna, Sam, Stacy, Josie, Riata, Mom, Bonnie) stayed over at Sam’s while Justin was out of town. We played games, had snacks, watched a movie and just had fun! I was really looking forward to it and was not let down. It was great!!! I was so tired earlier in the day I wasn't sure if I'd make it. But everyone fared well. We were having so much fun playing the game that Riata didn't want to go to bed and miss out on the fun either. We were up pretty late but it was worth it. Thanks Sam for having us!

In other news, my Grandma has recently been in and out of the hospital and she is doing better now. Thank you to those of my friends who have been praying for her. We were supposed to go see her next month but due to some scheduling we had to change it to April.

I am very excited about going down there and seeing her and everyone…

...and also everyone seeing Riata. The last time the saw her she was 3 weeks old. She has grown a little since then! The thing I’m not so excited about is how happy or rather unhappy Riata will be at being strapped into that car seat for 9 hours. We need prayers…lol

Also coming up is our Missions month at church. Instead of having a half a week or week long conference, we will have a different missionary in every Sunday in March. I am looking forward to hearing from each of them and seeing what God will do in our church during this time. I am thankful for these people who have dedicated their lives to His service, left their comfort zones and are following God, some to the "uttermost" most parts of the earth. If you have the opportunity to be a blessing to a family like this in some way, I hope you take advantage of that.

I hope this post find you all doing well and that you have a great week ahead.



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