2012: A (Partial) Look Back and Happy New Year

I was looking over last years post...all 8 of them. lol No I'm not making a new years resolution to post more although I know I should try harder. I actually wrote 14 but only 8 made it out of editing. That's just how it goes for me. I received a Christmas Letter update from a friend with all the goings on of the year and it seemed like a great idea. So here we go...

I put in my notice at my old job around the first of the year.  I had not found a job here yet but had been praying and was sure it was the right time to leave. My last day was March 1st and my friends gave me a great sending off.
this is actually from my birthday but they looked pretty much the same without the hats lol

March 2nd I got to go be a part of missions emphasis week at my high school. I brought several things from Kenya and was able to talk to many kids about missions. I thoroughly enjoyed it.

March 3rd my least favorite part came next. Moving. You will know this if you know just how much I dislike packing! Cleaning out my house was crazy but we finally got everything moved. I wrote a post about that when I was going through everything...it was a to be continued post...and if I ever finish sorting through it all maybe I'll finish it!! Now it has had almost a year to collect spiders in my sisters garage so that should be fun come spring...

By the end of April I had been without a job for almost 2 months. In my adult life since college I had never been without a job like that so it was a different time. Although I had peace in knowing it was what I was supposed to be doing and that God would provide me with the right job at the right time. While looking for work, my temp agency sent me on a couple of day jobs here and there. When I say a couple I mean 2 days. lol But in the mean time I got to spend time with my friend helping out to get her garden started and painting her shed. Their backyard turned out amazing this summer! We spent many a nice afternoon or evening visiting and having dinner on the patio. And they fed me a lot which was great since as before mentioned, I had no job :) By the end of April, God did answer my prayer (and those of many others) about a job and I have been working that job now for almost 9 months.( I could also write and entire post about how that all worked out but I didn't so this will have to do). I was working through the temp agency for the majority of that time but recently the company hired me on and I am enjoying the work. I also made some new friends there who have proved to be an encouragement and blessing and I hope they can say the same about me.

The summer was a whirlwind and I loved it. Because initially the job was only supposed to last 3-4 months, I was able to request before hand some time that I needed off and they were able to accommodated me in that. The last week in June, I got to go to church camp for the 29th time or so and as always had a great trip and time of refreshing (even though I missed Shauna being with me as this was her first time ever to miss it!).

I was just now thinking did we break down this year? I think we did. lol It's hard to remember which years we did and which ones we didn't. Sometimes that's the way it happens!

It all turned out ok. Good things can still happen when you break down - like 22 years ago when I met my church on the side of the road.

that sweet pink sweatshirt was my favorite. it was reversible, blue on the other side. 
both had ducks. Awesome I know.

So that worked out :)

Then in late July, I had the opportunity to go with Angela and Madison to Washington DC for the National Down Syndrome Convention.

I had never been to DC ( or a NDSC meeting) so I was very excited. We had an awesome trip. The conference was amazing as were many of the people we met.

Also another thing I had never done before...I caught a cab all by myself for the first time ever.

Their flight was delayed out of Denver and we needed to be checked in at the meeting at the conference center so we could go to the Capitol the next day.

with Oklahoma Representative Tom Cole in his office after our meeting

So I caught a cab from the airport (the less exciting part was paying for the cab fare!) and headed out. I know this doesn't seem like a big deal but I am from Oklahoma people! We don't have big fancy cities and cabbies or widely used public transportation. We have cars and pickup trucks and we drive wherever we want to go and complain if we are caught in traffic for a minute or two.

As I am typing this and remembering everything I am realizing I could write several post about this adventure and you don't want to read them all right now! So I'll move on...

We got to see a few sights but not near enough! I would love to go back and take in as much historical "stuff" as possible.

 We highly recommend the Lincoln Memorial night! 
 Only got to spend 30-45 minutes in the Library of Congress..not near enough time
They were doing a lot of work around the monument still and it started to rain so this was the most we saw of it.

Because this is getting rather lengthy and I don't actually want to take anything out....I'm gonna go with a "to be continued" here. If it follows the pattern of my other "to be continued" post...you can just guess about the rest of the year. lol But hopefully I can find a way to put the rest of it into words (And pictures :)

I hope your new year is off to a good fresh start. For me as for many others there were many ups and downs and maybe you are still trying to accept it all. I personally am looking forward to all the ways God will work in and through us this year, whatever they may be.

Happy New Year With Love,



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