And the First Round Goes To...

In the battle between "me" versus "all the stuff", I was most certainly and sadly defeated. Last Tuesday I got through all the childhood memories boxes and was optimistic that I could finish it. But by Friday boxes and tubs seemed to be showing up out of  nowhere and I was reduced to overwhelmed exhausted mess of a person. One day I think I sat there for 30 minutes to an hour just looking at everything and not knowing what to do next. Looking back I know I got some things accomplished but it was just too much for one person in that amount of time. So it's still waiting for me and hopefully next time I will be bringing backup and we will be victorious! 

Meanwhile at my "new home" this week, I had much to do to get settled in. I am soooo grateful to a very good friend who came over and went through everything (EVERYTHING) with me and basically got me organized. When it comes to being organized at work - I'm good to go. Most of the time there are no emotional attachments to things and I can look at a project objectively. At home is another story. And when someone else is helping me go through stuff 

#1. I feel bad that I have so much stuff 
#2. that they are spending their time to help me because I can't even figure out where to start!! 
#3. It is an emotional thing to decide which things to keep and which to part with. You feel as though you need to explain yourself about everything. I know keeping things like my Grandma's old nightgown that I'll never wear or use or a rock with the word Kenya written on it doesn't make a lot of sense to everyone else but it does to me. But if those were the only two sentimental things I kept I guess it would be no big deal! (Also it should be noted that she was great and didn't make me get rid of anything that I didn't want to. It did make her really happy when I said "we can go ahead and get rid of that" though.)

I think another reason why it's overwhelming is because I thought I was down to much less. I had already gotten rid of so much stuff over the past 9 months. I lived by myself in a 5 bedroom house-none of which were empty 10 months ago. So I had dwindled it down to 2 rooms and thought I was in the home stretch. I shipped stuff to Kenya, I sold things,  I gave them away, and I threw them away...but still. 

Next time I go back I will have a better plan and will get it done - like I said before though - hopefully with some help. It makes a huge difference when you are not in it alone because it's just too easy to get bogged down. So thanks again to my wonderful friend for your help getting me settled in here. I am very grateful for you!

Job Update: I don't have one :) Thank you for your prayers and just keep praying that the right one will come along at the right time according to God's will for me. Really just pray for continued provision in whatever way He sees fit. I appreciate the prayers and support of you all so much. Prayers were answered last week and needs were met and I'm so thankful that I serve a God who hears and answers my prayers when I don't deserve one bit of it. Also that he uses people around me with willing hearts to enable and encourage me to pursue this new adventure in my life.

I hope everyone is having a wonderful week and that you are seeing the hand of God at work in your own life.



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