Excited, Thankful and Encouraged

This will no doubt be my shortest post to date but it was too long for a facebook status! Ha Since the Madory's have been home on furlough we have had the luxury of being in the same time zone and able to communicate by cell phones instead of having to schedule a time for me to be near an Internet connection so we can Skype. That being said, I am enjoying so much hearing week to week how God is providing for them and using them to further the gospel/preach the call to missions while they are traveling on furlough. It has been a GREAT blessing to me to hear different stories and know that while God is here at work in my life He is also out working in the lives of others too. I am excited, thankful and encouraged all at the same time. What a mighty, wonderful  and loving God we serve!

Hope your week is off to a great start!


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