Whirlwind Weekend

Just a quick update. I had a wonderful time with the Madory’s this weekend celebrating the girl’s birthdays. Angela and I didn’t get a lot of sleep trying to get everything done for Madi’s party and by Saturday night when it was all over we were pretty exhausted!!! But we had a great time anyway putting it all together and making it a special day for a special girl! I am so glad I was able to come down for it and spend a little time with them. On the way home I was thanking God for bringing our lives together! Then on Sunday the church that I visited was also having mission’s emphasis month. I got to visit with a missionary family to England and hear some good lessons/messages on missions as well. Then back home and back to work today. Here are just a couple of pictures from the party from my phone. I’ll post pics from Jentrie’s later when I have my camera handy.

Have a great week!


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