More Updates From Kenya

The following are updates from Bro. Madory over the last week:

"The Medical Mission Outreach Team is AMAZING! The kindness, generosity, and sacrifice of all the team members was an amazing site to see. God used them to treat 2000 people with different illnesses. We also saw over 60 people trust Christ as Savior during the Medical Camps. Bwana Asifiwe!"

"We ordained 2 national pastors yesterday in an afternoon Ordination Ceremony. Pastor Peter Mbugua and Pastor Ephraim Olusi are ordained ministers of the Gospel. Pastor Greg Hawn preached the charge. One Kenyan deaf man that attended the ordination service accept Christ as Savior after the service. WOW! and AMEN!"

"Yesterday, we had our highest attendance at KBC (even higher than Friend Day). The day was filled with testimonies of what God did through the MMO Team, the Hawns, and the KBC volunteers. Many first time visitors were there to see this Karen Baptist Church they had heard so much about during the medical camps."

"Today Pastor Hawn will begin teaching a 3 day Leadership Conference at KBC to help us develop national leadership in the Kenyan churches. Please pray for him and the impact his wisdom and experience will have on the current and future Baptist church leaders in Kenya."

The last two post are from a Pastor from the states who has been staying with the Madory's for the last couple of weeks:

"Thanking God for all that he is doing through the ministry of the Madory's in Africa. Praise the Lord for all that have been saved, baptized, and discipled for Christ. Looking forward to seeing what God will do this year as Karen Baptist Church moves ahead in ministry."

"Leaving late tonight for London. Thank God for all He has done during our time in Africa. Going to miss the Madorys and their ministry in Kenya."


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